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AOW provides individualized consulting to help guide and mentor artisan brands (both retail and wholesale) within the lifestyle market — home décor, gift, apparel, personal accessories — to ensure their companies are well-positioned and competitive in the handmade marketplace, and ultimately attract new, quality clients and increase sales.

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AOW Handmade works with wholesalers and retailers within fashion, home, and lifestyle markets to find the perfect artisan supplier to create and develop exclusive, branded collections that bring your design concept to life.

Artisan Spotlight: Colectivo 1050

Why we love Colectivo 1050:

Colectivo 1050’s is a collective whose products are hand-made in Oaxaca by traditional potters and designers. Each piece is imbued with the beauty and elegance that characterize the region's people. The collective operates on principles of fair trade, with a strong emphasis on ecologically sound practice; all their wares are lead free.

Images above courtesy of Colectivo 1050

  • Size: 300 Women (supporting 70 villages)

  • Product(s): Ceramic Tablewares

  • Process(es): Hand-thrown clay pottery

  • Certifications: Fair Trade Certified

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