Photo: Alex Brisbey/Unsplash

Annie’s has spent 14 years cultivating a worldwide network of ethical artisan vendors. These personal relationships are based on mutual respect and a commitment to handcrafted tradition, quality, fair trade practices, the use of sustainable materials and local resources, and safe and fair working environments.

These are people and groups Annie feels proud to call partners—they have earned her loyalty. Nothing gives her greater joy than connecting them to the world marketplace, which is hungry for their incredible work. Selling handmade does make a tangible, positive impact by connecting buyers, suppliers and customers through something real and beautiful.

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Agriculture is the single largest employer among developing countries, and the artisan sector is the second. The families whose livelihoods are dependent on farming are often the same families who earn income from selling handcrafted products and artwork in the off-season.
— Willy Foote, Forbes

Ethical Artisans Brands We Work With