Sourcing & REtail Services


Develop Unique Artisan Collections For Your Brand

At AOW Handmade, Annie Waterman assists buyers in developing unique handmade collections tailored specifically to their brand. This package is perfect for retail chains, designers, importers, and wholesalers placing a minimum product order of $10,000. Allow us to provide you with a personalized sourcing experience by guiding your collection through the production process!


Connect with a Perfect Artisan Partner For Your Brand

AOW Handmade works with fashion, home, and lifestyle brands to find the perfect artisan supplier to create branded collections. Whether you’re new to the field or have years of experience working with overseas artisan groups, you need help finding reliable artisan partners who are ethically and socially minded.


Hire a Buyer for your Store or Boutique Hotel 

AOW Handmade works with retail store owners on the hunt for new, unique, handmade, and beautifully crafted products. We work with shops that create a special in-store experience for their clients yet desire to uphold ethical and sustainable practices.