Current Trends

  • Modern Maker - “Celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship. This trend is a continuation from spring/summer where the artisan was king. Embracing natural wood, textural weave and the imperfect sculptural forms of rattan and wicker. Drawing on the raw beauty of imperfect finishes, this trend is about making natural materials look effortlessly stylish. In a world where we’re only one filter away from perceived perfection this trend is import to help remind us imperfections are to be celebrated, not sneered at. This trend is set to become EVEN bigger for spring 2019 collections. The colour palette is primarily neutral, with shades of putty and stone adorning walls. This creates a calm backdrop to accentuate natural materials of statement rattan and skilfully woven wicker, along with pops of colour. - Ideal Home

  • Sustainable Furniture - “The shift toward sustainable and eco-friendly designs has given designers an opportunity to be more creative. People are no longer looking to mass-produced furniture, with one-of-a-kind makes offering unique interior character. 2019 represents an era of furniture with purpose: Pieces made entirely from recycled goods and environmentally-friendly material alternatives. Sustainable furniture will no longer adhere to its stereotypical re-used aesthetic, instead adopting a more slick style. The bohemian trend is gone, replaced by clean, elegant pieces that defy trends.” - Elle Decor

  • Affinity for Artisanal

    "I think the time has finally come that we will start veering away from these pastel toned geometric shapes. I'm seeing a lot more designers & makers reverting back to craft and finding ways to slow down. From experimenting with new materials to making limited quantities. In our world of mass production, I am see many leaning toward these smaller batches, more 'artisanal' or 'boutique', if you can stand the words (I can't). Even larger companies like West Elm are reaching out to smaller makers to create more unique goods where each piece has different handmade imperfections." Michala Monroe, interior designer

  • "Organic shapes will be a big hit this upcoming year. Look out for a revival of curved furniture in 2019. The hard, geometric lines that we've seen for the past few years are giving way to softer shapes in both prints and furniture shape." —Alessandra Wood, interior designer expert and director of style at Modsy

  • Make that chair a vintage lightweight rattan piece, and you have a combination that feels refined, but still casual and cool.” — Justine Macfee, interior designer.

  • Natural Materials “Our fascination with natural materials and the visual texture they add to our interiors will continue. Natural stones, quartzite, and, even terrazzo, used in unexpected categories, merge luxury and practicality in a way that makes indulgence a little more palatable.” – Michel Smith Boyd, interior designer.

Terms & Techniques

  • AOW works with vendors that specialize in basketry worldwide and work with a variety materials including rattan, bamboo,

  • Market bags from various countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Tunisia, Morocco, and more.

Regional Traditions

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Typical Pricing

  • Bamboo basketry from Bali - $25-35 FOB

  • Tunisian market bags - $22+