Current Trends

  • “‘Commit to a wallpaper you love, and yes, you can put art or photographs on that wallpaper,’ he explains. Jonathan says doing this will create a room that feels uniquely yours, and not store-bought.” — Jonathan Rachman, House Beautiful

  • “‘Art has been reaching new highs in popularity,’ says Kraiem. ‘There are no rules for hanging art in your homes. From photography, to lithographs or original paintings, the trick is on framing them right and hanging them in groups if they are small or go large for an unexpected look.’” — Refinery29

  • “We will move away from rigid trends which have a time limit and are stuck to a certain era, this way designs will become naturally sustainable and timeless.” — Amara

Minimums & Terms

  • Pricing depends on the complexity of your design and the number of SKUs per design. Send AOW your design specifications and approximate units per design to get more specific pricing.

  • Inquire for pricing details but as an example:

    • Fiber wall art from Malawi costs approximately $5.50-14.50 FOB.

  • We also work with a producer that makes beautiful masks and ceramic pieces that have been transformed into wall art. Basketry is another category to explore within this category.

  • For wall art, we work with artisans all over the world. The options are vast.


  • Natural fibers (raffia, palm, etc).

  • Clay

  • Embroidery

  • Beadwork

  • Textiles

  • Traditional masks