Current Trends

  • "Commit to a wallpaper you love, and yes, you can put art or photographs on that wallpaper," he explains. Jonathan says doing this will create a room that feels uniquely yours, and not store-bought.” - Jonathan Rachman, House Beautiful

  • "Art has been reaching new highs in popularity," says Kraiem. "There are no rules for hanging art in your homes. From photography, to lithographs or original paintings, the trick is on framing them right and hanging them in groups if they are small or go large for an unexpected look." - Refinery29

Terms & Techniques

  • Wall art has endless options when it comes to products made by craftsmen. The options are limitless. Here are few options but reach out with your ideas and we will present specific options for you, depending on your design direction.

Regional Traditions

  • Basketry from Malawi is made using local mulaza palm leaves. 

  • Framed textiles are made in Afghanistan, supporting traditional embroidery techniques, and women artisans who are refugees.

Typical Pricing

  • Fiber wall art from Malawi: $5.50-14.50 FOB