Sourcing & matchmaking Services


Artisan Sourcing for Wholesale Customers

Connect with the perfect artisan supplier for your brand and develop exclusive handmade collections. ­­

Let AOW Handmade help you discover the perfect artisan producer. We start by focusing on your needs—your brand aesthetic, business goals, and project objectives. Then we use that insight to identify the ideal partner to bring your creative concept to life. We guide you through the process from concept to delivery.


Retail + Artisan Brand Matchmaking

Access unique artisan-made products and connect with new artisan brands specifically curated for your store.

At AOW, we match retailers with artisanal brands to create access to unique handcrafted products that set your business apart. First, we establish your customer profile, brand aesthetic, vendor criteria, and product objectives. We use that knowledge to identify and select a carefully curated portfolio of artisan brands, then guide you through the process of working with artisans.


Guided Buyer Trips

Discover unique artisan products firsthand and maximize your time in country while saving time and money. 

AOW offers customized guided tours to the artisan meccas of the world. Meet artisans, visit markets, and discover a whole new world of resources for your business. We’ll help you navigate regional trade shows and visit artisan workshops, and we’ll introduce you to vetted, reliable, export-ready suppliers.