When a customer buys a handmade item they are buying an emotional connection.
— Gift and Decorative Accessories Mag
  • Stand out in a saturated marketplace

  • Find reliable artisan suppliers that meet your needs for pricing and minimum order requirements

  • Excite your clientele with fresh products

  • Access products from the all over the globe

  • Support producers who abide by Fair Trade policies

  • Develop exclusive handmade collections


What I Do

Matchmaking Service

  • Discover unique artisan vendors from around the world

  • Pricing: Finder's fee of $500-$1000 per match, based on order size

Agent/Personal Buyer

  • Vendor discovery and product development

  • Start to finish order management and fulfillment

  • Pricing: Commission as low as 5%, based on order size

Who I Work With


  • You want to add new products to your shop.

Wholesale Brands

  • You need to develop a unique line.

Interior Designers, Architects, Hoteliers, Restaurants

  • You have a budget and need bespoke product for your clientele.




The Process

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