Five Best Practices for Importing from Peru

AOW recently met with Carlos Arias, a gem when it comes to seamlessly importing your product from Peru. Carlos is based in LA and his brother in Lima, and they have created a business working with buyers to help with your importing needs. I asked him to share five top tips for buyers thinking about importing product from Peru. Here's what he had to say: 

  • Ask the Peruvian company if they have exported to the US before.
  • Ask if they are sending the goods via air or sea. 
  • Ask if the invoice will have a detailed description of each product.
  • Work out the payment method before committing to an order.
  • Ask for their broker information and port of entry to the US.

Carlos Arias provides the following services: 

  • Follow up with Peruvian companies on order status, providing clear communication to the buyer.
  • Provide quality control before shipment.
  • Provide support to the buyer with any issues on their order.
  • Sort the shipment according to buyer's requirements.
  • Provide updates on status of shipment and ETA.
  • Warehouse or ship the products to buyer's location.

In need of these services? Reach out to Carlos directly: